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Worship Schedule at True Light:

10:30 AM Sunday – English Liturgy with Holy Communion

12:30 PM Sunday – Chinese Liturgy (Holy Communion on 1st & 3rd Sundays)

12:15 PM 1st Thursday of the month – English Liturgy of the Word for Healing

What can you expect to experience on Sunday in worship?

The 10:30 AM English service celebrates the Lord’s Supper every Sunday. We are a liturgical worshiping community. What we mean by that is our primary posture in corporate worship is as people who receive from God. We receive from God the forgiveness of sins and life in the preaching of the gospel of Jesus and in his sacraments of baptism and the Eucharist. As a liturgical worshiping community we also return to God our thanks and praise and offer our lives to each other as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Liturgical worship opens up the gathered people of God to being formed in life. Just as we receive from God, return our thanks and praise, and offer our lives to each other as brothers and sisters in worship, so we also are a people who receive from God, return thanks and praise, and offer our lives to each other in everyday life. It is our hope and prayer that our lives would be a witness to the liturgy we practice as a gathered people. 
Recent Sermons in English (MP3 format)

The 12:30 PM service celebrates the Lord’s Supper every 1st and 3rd Sunday, and follows a traditional Lutheran form of the liturgy translated into Cantonese. Every 2nd and 4th Sunday is similar, but without the Lord’s Supper. Every sermon is translated simultaneously into Mandarin to serve the Mandarin-speaking people in Chinatown.
Recent Sermons in Chinese (MP3 format)

 Archived Sermons (Chinese and English) 

The Rev. Derek G. Lecakes as President/Bishop of the Atlantic District LCMS
Installation Service – Saturday, September 12, 2015


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